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Adhering to the principle of “human orientation”, the company focuses on the mutual development of the enterprise and its employees, and continuously facilitates employee growth and development. the company plans an annual training schedule based on the survey of training demand, which mainly covers “education and continuing education for employees with certificates”, “knowledge updating for management personnel”, “occupational skill training for technical professionals”, etc.. The training is conducted both internally and externally, and combines the job responsibilities and current quality of employees with the training contents, so as to provide relevant professional skill training to variouspersonnel.

  • EPC工程总承包管理实务培训
  • FIDIC合同特点与应用分析培训
  • 国际工程项目融资培训
  • 商务英语应用文写作培训
  • 项目经验交流会
  • 新员工拜师
  • 新员工入职拓展培训

In order to promote the construction of a learning-oriented organization, and improve the comprehensive quality and occupationalbusiness skills of employees, the company carries out training that focuses on project management, commercial affairbusiness, experience sharing, personal skills, new employees, etc..

The company provides a number of training courses to employees every year. The internal training conducted in recent years includes “FIDIC contract conditions”, “sharing of best practices on international project claims”, “preliminary preparation work forin international project bidding”, “project documentation management”, “essentials and case study of demand guarantees and project insurance laws for international projects”, “operation and management of international projects”, “management practice of engineering, procurement and construction projects”, “safety management for international projects”, “tax and foreign exchange risk management for international projects”, “case study on financing and import and export credit for international projects”, “sharing of the INDRAMAYU project implementation experience”, “writing of English contract letters for international projects”, “guarantee”, “letter of credit” , “production of commercial slides with PowerPoint 2007”, etc..

n order to help new employees adapt to the companycorporate culture promptly as soon as possible, the company provides new employees with training that covers many aspects such as “corporate culture”, “development history and overview of the company”, “rules and regulations of the company”, “3-in-1 system management”, “production safety knowledge”, “project management procedures”, “career guidance”, “how to grow from a new employee to a project manager”, “bidding management”, and “outward bound”, and tutors are assigned for new employees.

Currently, the company has preliminarily established a team-specific, series-specific hierarchical training system where internal training is combined with external training, and customized courses and standard courses complement each other, which will constitute a good platform for the talent training of the company.

The company advocates the talent philosophy of “showing talent through actions, and enhancing value through contributions”. It diligently pursues an effective means and method to better improve the ability and quality of various personnel, and works hard to improve and optimize the training system.

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